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-The order you place is first delivered to the buyer.
However, if it cannot be found at the address of the recipient or if the recipient cannot deliver to himself; first to the person appointed by the buyer, then to the neighbor of the buyer in the houses at his own request; In workplaces, deliveries are made to colleagues, consultation or security. If this is not possible, the buyer is contacted by phone, an appointment is made and delivery is made.
In some hospitals, military buildings or workplaces, the product may not be accepted in accordance with the building or facility management rules. In this case, your order will be delivered to the relevant officials.

Delivery of the Product to the Buyer

-Delivery of orders placed on our site is made between 9:00 - 18:30, 5 days a week. For orders requested to be delivered outside these hours, an additional fee may be charged at the time of ordering.
Orders placed before 12:00 are delivered within the same day, depending on the availability of the product. Orders placed after this time remain for the next day.
You can request that an order you place will be delivered to the buyer at a later date and time, rather than immediately.
You make your choice regarding the delivery date and time during ordering. During ordering, you will be notified of the earliest current delivery day and time.
If there is a problem with the delivery time of an order you have placed, you will be notified by phone in advance.

Delivery Hours

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Furniture is mass and bulky products. These products are also scratch and breakable luxury products. For this, as "Seat Order", we attach great importance to the works required for smooth product delivery. First of all, we attach great importance to product packaging.
The products that will go out of the city are made ready for shipment by making special packaging for the product.
- Some types of packaging we use at this stage consist of "stretch, vacuum packaging, bubble wrap, large bubble wrap with paper and cardboard parcel".
-All of the products you purchase are delivered with the shipping companies we have contracted with. After the products are delivered to the shipping company, we follow the delivery until your order reaches you.

Why We Care About Delivery?

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Delivery times of special production products vary according to the production time. Delivery information and times of such products are previously agreed with the customer and specified in the contract we have made,


The delivery dates specified in this contract are taken into account.

Natural disasters that obstruct the workforce and work or public holidays published in the official newspaper may affect the delivery day. Production may be temporarily disrupted due to the inferior material or raw material problems of the product caused by us, in this case, again, prior notice is given.

General delivery;

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-We provide free shipping service to all of Turkey.


-Delivery to villages and towns is not made to the address. Delivery is made from the warehouse address of the contracted cargo company located in the city center or district center where the villages and towns are connected.


- Delivery is not made to some districts in Turkey, delivery is made from the warehouse address of the contracted cargo company located in the city center to which it is connected.


-There are no deliveries to some provincial centers due to city planning throughout Turkey. Delivery is made from the warehouse address of the cargo company that we have an agreement with in the district center where it is connected to the city center.


- Please get information from our customer representatives to learn about some provinces and district centers where we cannot deliver to the address.

General delivery;

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