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  • Can we buy the products we want to buy piece by piece?
    Yes, you can buy each of our products individually or individually. In particular, you can buy office and manager chairs, office sofa sets in pieces or pieces.
  • Are There Any Color, Fabric and Leather Options I Want When Buying a Product?
    Color changes can be made in most of the products we offer for sale. You can find the color of the product you have selected from the color options tab. We have leather or fabric options.
  • Will I Pay Extra for Fabric, Leather or Color Options?
    There is no charge for color change in most of our products. You can only pay extra for non-standard coatings. For more detailed information, you can get help from our sales representatives.
  • Can you produce the products we like in different sizes?
    Almost every product we offer for sale is produced in different sizes. If you want to have special sizes and products made for your place, you can get help from our sales representatives.
  • Can we see the products we like on the Internet at your place?
    You can see our products that we offer for sale on the internet at our address in the contact section. Since our company is a manufacturer, our product circulation is high. The product you like may not be available at that time, but you can find it in our store in different time zones. For this, you can get the necessary information by contacting our sales representatives.
  • How is the Shipping and Assembly of the Products I Purchased?
    Your orders will be issued between 5-10 business days (Monday-Friday) after bank approval. If your address is within the provincial borders of Istanbul, your orders amounting to 5,000,00 TL will be delivered with our own vehicles. Your orders outside the provincial borders of Istanbul will be delivered to the most appropriate cargo. The installation of your orders within the provincial borders of Istanbul belongs to us.
  • I'm not in Istanbul Can I order the product over the Internet or over the phone?
    Yes, you may be outside of Istanbul, you can order your favorite product or products through our website or by calling our customer representatives. You can like and order products with peace of mind on our website We provide shipping your products with the most suitable contracted warehouse (cargo) company.
  • Is Shopping From Your Website Safe?
    The rapid increase in internet usage in recent times and the fact that product marketing and sales share are mostly directed to the internet has attracted the attention of everyone. Although internet shopping satisfies some segments, some people still continue to look at it with suspicion. To ensure this trust, we ensure that the orders you place on are made from secure pages, as in all e-commerce sites. All ordering steps take place from pages under SSL security. If you see that the company you are going to order starts with https:// in the web address section, you are shopping in a completely safe environment.
  • Do You Accept Product Returns?
    You can return the products you have purchased within 5 (five) days. For this, it is sufficient to deliver the packaging of the products to be returned and the accessories, if any, complete and undamaged, together with the invoice of the product, the return form and the reason for the return. It is not possible to return the products whose original box and packaging have been damaged and whose repurchaseability has been lost. The exchange of damaged and defective products will be carried out by us free of charge. However, if the products are requested to be returned due to dissatisfaction, the general return conditions will apply and the product will be borne by the customer together with the shipping cost. For more detailed information, you can check the RETURN page tab.
  • What Are Your Warranty Terms?
    All of our products (furniture-seat) are guaranteed for 2 (two) years. External factors such as breaking and tearing of the impact server and situations such as burning, cutting and puncture are not covered by the warranty. The products transported and assembled by our company are guaranteed by our company. For more detailed information, you can read our terms and conditions by clicking the "Warranty Conditions" link at the bottom of our website.
  • My Product Is Faulty Or A Different Product Received What Should I Do?
    When a missing or other product arrives during the delivery of your products, take a note of the product in question in the form of a report and notify our company. A new one will be supplied quickly and its delivery will be made as soon as possible.
  • What Are Your Working Hours?
    We serve between 08:30 – 19:00 on weekdays. We serve between 08:30 - 17:00 on Saturdays.
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